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Effective team performance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Effective team performance - Assignment Example Team building concepts like Belbin’s Team Roles, Myers-Griggs Group Dynamics, conflict resolution and decision making were experienced as the team progressed through team development stages of forming, norming and stroming as described by Tuckman’s Team Development Model (Tuckman 1965). The team was faced with a number of problems that occurred during its entire developmental process based on Tuckman’s model (Beyerlein and Johnson 2000). Although improved collaboration, effective communication and alignment of individual objectives with team objectives helped to overcome these problems, Kayes (2004) is of the opinion that these could have been prevented at the initial stages of the project. The project presented number of opportunities to the team to remain engaged in number of activities that played significant role in transforming the group into a cohesive and effective team. This report focuses on key stages in the development of a cohesive team and the proble ms and conflicts faced during the process and steps taken to resolve these issues. The report also discusses key theories and concepts of team development and significance of their application in practical life and analyzes the transformation of experiences in reflective learning. Problem and Context In this project, I formed part of a group that was entirely unknown to me and I had no earlier opportunity of working with them in similar circumstances. Due to this situation, I felt anxiety as I was totally confused about the group members, their behavior, said or unsaid protocols for group interaction and team objectives, as mentioned by Myers-Briggs (1998). Tuckman described it typical to the forming stage of the team development (Tuckman 1965). In forming stage, future of team and the team objectives are not much clear. Members try to know each other, exchange personal information and make friends that help them to better respond to pressure situation in future. But as I gained mor e opportunities to interact and know other members, the anxiety transformed into confidence to effectively communicate and participate in the group activities. During the project, many problems like motivation, individual capability, ineffective communication and team dynamics as highlighted by Kayes (2004) surfaced. Team members were not focused on team objectives and were frequently found busy in their social and personal issues at the initial stages of team development. The team members belonged to diverse cultural background that presented a potential source for diversity conflict (Goleman 2002). I believe that like me other group members being almost on the same parity had the similar experiences, as they were also shy and hesitant to communicate among each other at initial stages. Although these problems impeded task completion, team development, cohesion and improving collaboration and coordination among the members but these provided opportunities to respond effectively to a particular situation and progress towards team development (Chaney and Lyden 2000). McManus (2000) stresses that teams are stronger in commitment, cohesion and understanding of objectives than the groups. Therefore, skills like self-awareness, self management, competence, social awareness and relationship management highlighted by Goleman (2002) as Emotional Intelligence played a key role in bonding team together towards common goal. Despite all the

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Naked Economics Essay Example for Free

Naked Economics Essay Baumbach AP Macro Response Paper â€Å"Making money takes time, so when we shop, were really spending time. The real cost of living isnt measured in dollars and cents but in the hours and minutes we must work to live (5). † After reading this sentence, I felt a little confused about what the author meant in this sentence. However, after reading the inflation example about stockings and cell phones, I truly do understand and agree with this quote. As the author explains, just because the price goes up, doesn’t mean that the cost of living has gone up. By factoring in wages people make per hour and comparing that with the price of an item such as stockings or cell phones, the cost of living can in fact be lower than it once was. It all depends on how much time of work is needed to acquire the item desired. Using this method, as the author elaborates, is really how we determine if the cost of an item costs more than it once did. Along with the importance of cost of living, the Real GDP and Real GDP per capita also play an important role in our economic growth. While talking about GDP, the author states the feelings of Americans by stating â€Å"Indeed, if we all believe the economy is likely to get worse, then it will get worse. And if we all believe it will get better, then it will get better (12). † I believe what the author means by this is that we decide whether the economy goes up or down based upon how we feel as a society about spending. The more we spend, the greater real GDP becomes which allows more investments to occur. Because this happens, our economy will continue to expand and do well leading to a respectful amount of inflation along with that. On the other side, when we feel that the economy is likely to become worse, we cut back on spending causing real GDP to go down allowing businesses to invest less forcing them to lay off people (greater unemployment) leading to a worse economy. It’s a continuous cycle; the people determine how the economy performs based on how much consumption, investing, government spending, and net exports occur. Furthermore, the after the national financial crisis of 2008 occurred, President Obama passed a stimulus in 2009, hoping that we could pull ourselves out of the recession. Even though the post-effect wasn’t extremely positive due to speculation of the economy, I thought President Obama did the right thing to pass the Stimulus. As the author says, â€Å"A bad stimulus is better than no stimulus, and a bad stimulus is what we got (18). † Instead of letting Americans live in chaos and fear for many more years, Obama decided to act with a fairly responsive stimulus. Of course, the stimulus wasn’t as effective as many hoped for, but it was a step in the right direction. As a result, the stimulus did little effect on the economy, but I believe that it had a large effect on American morale. The stimulus provided 2 to 3 percent GDP growth and provided millions of jobs to Americans which is perhaps some of the best news many received in the past two years. Even though Americans may have spent or invested in the short spurt of the stimulus, it allowed Americans to become more confident with their spending and investing instead of saving it all again. In addition, the author talks about borrowing and how economists view the budget differently than accountants. Economists seem to be more fluctuating about the amount of spending we do as long as we pay it back while accountants are all about balancing the budget. Based on that being said, the author proclaims that â€Å"As a nation, we are consuming more than we are producing, and we have to pay for the difference somehow (23). I believe this to be a bad thing because there have been no positive signs of our debt becoming any smaller which can cause economic destruction in the future. The author contradicts his previous quote by stating â€Å"countries that have gotten themselves into financial trouble are usually running large current account deficits (24). † I feel that we are one of those countries that have maintained a large current account deficit. If we continue to spend more than we are producing, then it is inevitable that the American economy will collapse.

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The Piano Lesson Essay -- essays research papers

Defend Boy Willie’s Scheme for Buying Sutter’s Land.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In The Piano Lesson, written by August Wilson, Boy Willie devises a scheme for buying Sutter’s land. Boy Willie has one part of the money saved up. He will sell the watermelons for the second part. Then he will sell the piano for a third part. The only debating issue in Boy Willie’s scheme is the piano. Berniece does not want to sell the piano. This is the only reason for a defense in Boy Willie’s scheme. Therefore, I will defend Boy Willie’s issue of selling the piano and how that liberates him in reference to his scheme for buying Sutter’s land.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first defense is the usage of the piano. In Wilson’s novel, Berniece never uses the piano, Boy Willie: â€Å" You can’t do nothing with that piano except sit up there and look at it†, Berniece, â€Å"That’s just what I’m gonna do† (p.50). The piano is a â€Å"sentimental value† (p.51) to Berniece. Her father died over the piano (p.42-46). Boy Willie argues even though the piano is of sentimental value, Berniece is not using it. He wants to sell it in order to buy land, seed, and workers, which will in turn produce a crop, and something will come out of that (p.51).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The second defense is that of equality. Boy Willie believes how a certain individual perceives himself determines what that individual really is in reality (p.92). He also believes that white men have one advantage over black men and that ... The Piano Lesson Essay -- essays research papers Defend Boy Willie’s Scheme for Buying Sutter’s Land.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In The Piano Lesson, written by August Wilson, Boy Willie devises a scheme for buying Sutter’s land. Boy Willie has one part of the money saved up. He will sell the watermelons for the second part. Then he will sell the piano for a third part. The only debating issue in Boy Willie’s scheme is the piano. Berniece does not want to sell the piano. This is the only reason for a defense in Boy Willie’s scheme. Therefore, I will defend Boy Willie’s issue of selling the piano and how that liberates him in reference to his scheme for buying Sutter’s land.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first defense is the usage of the piano. In Wilson’s novel, Berniece never uses the piano, Boy Willie: â€Å" You can’t do nothing with that piano except sit up there and look at it†, Berniece, â€Å"That’s just what I’m gonna do† (p.50). The piano is a â€Å"sentimental value† (p.51) to Berniece. Her father died over the piano (p.42-46). Boy Willie argues even though the piano is of sentimental value, Berniece is not using it. He wants to sell it in order to buy land, seed, and workers, which will in turn produce a crop, and something will come out of that (p.51).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The second defense is that of equality. Boy Willie believes how a certain individual perceives himself determines what that individual really is in reality (p.92). He also believes that white men have one advantage over black men and that ...

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Assignment Unit 5

Unit 1 Assignment E1: The main three different types of settings which are provided with care and education for all children in my area are, firstly the statutory area would be†¦. , because it is funded by the government, so they didn’t want to play for their children to go to a private school. Secondly the voluntary sector in my area are mainly activities like sports/ football teams and playschools and afterschool clubs where you donate money but none of the staff get paid any money because they volunteered to help run and work for it.Finally, there can be very few private schools in my area because people disagree to pay for their child’s education instead of it being funded by the government and so there aren’t many private schools in my area but one near my area †¦.. is the main private school which a lot of people know around by my area. E2: The way in which the types of setting from E1 has aims to support children and their families are; Statutory settings can help families is they can’t afford much so this way the government is funding for them so their children can still go to school with no big price to get the child’s education complete for their stages.On the other hand private settings are the opposite where the families pay for their children to get their education, and they are not funded by the government, the children are paid to go to private schools so they can get a better education. And voluntary settings are helping by getting everyone involved and by raising money for schools or other charities. E3: The main legislations in our country that supports the rights of children are the Human Rights Act and the UN Convention on the Rights Of The Child.The Human Rights Act helps to protect all of us and children and gives us our own right within ourselves so we can have our own opinions and to avoid discrimination. Whereas the UN Convention on the Rights Of The Child supports the rights of children by s tating what each child has the right to do in life, also by getting the whole world involved to show that everyone has a right to, for example, ‘You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously. http://www. unicef. org. /crc/index. 30229. html E4:The recognised principles and values that underpin working with children on the Early Years Foundation Stage the CACHE statement of value and the foundation phase framework are; A Unique Child, Positive relationships, Enabling Environment, and Learning and development. The principles for ‘A Unique Child’ are all about being a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. Positive relationships describe that every child can learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and a key person.Enabling environment describes how the environment can play a key role in supporting and extending childrenâ₠¬â„¢s development and learning. Learning and development describes that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates, all areas of learning and development and equally important and inter-connected. The values that underpin working with children are most importantly putting the children first by ensuring the child’s welfare and safety to keep them safe from any harm as possible, showing compassion and sensitivity so this way they may respect you and treat you fairly.Respecting the child as an individual, meaning to treat them each the way they would want to be treated and respect each of the children’s different needs upholding the child’s rights and dignity, enabling the child to achieve their full learning potential. Also never use physical punishment, this is because as an early years practitioner the only way to punish the child civilly is to get down to their height and make eye contact and tell them off gently when you a TA as an ear ly years practitioner.Another big one is to respect the parent, or those in a parenting role, as the primary carer and educator of the child this way you can earn their trust. Honour the confidentiality of information relating to the child and their family, unless its disclosure is required by law or is in the best interest of the child. http://www. EYFS. co. uk Uphold CACHE’s equality and diversity statement. And finally respect the customs, values and beliefs of the child and their family and also respect the contribution of staff in the childcare and education field and other professions with whom they may be involved.E5: Diversity means to be unique and to be your own person and this shows the importance of valuing and respects all children in the setting in the setting of the early year’s practitioner. The reason why Early Years practitioners should listen to children’s views and values their opinions because we need to listen to their needs because they kn ow more about their needs and views, this way we can respect their needs more, this is linked to child centred approach. Also it all counts with the main 3 C’s, Communication, Confidence, and Choice. E6:Three professional skills that will support your work with children are being a good listener so that you can join in with the group discussions and also it’s important to become a good listener because when in a working placement you will need to listen to the rules and regulations in a team so that you can follow your orders and follow the correct rules also you need to listen about what each of the child’s needs are so this way you can support the child. For example if a child has a certain allergy or has diabetes, then you need to understand what they need each day.Another professional skill you may need to support your work with children can be to have good communication towards the children and especially your team, this is important because you need to com municate well with your team members and also because you need to communicate well with your team members because you need to communicate well with the children also because for example if a child in your class can’t speak English then you need to communicate easily and slowly and make eye contact to them so that they can easily understand what you are saying and also this could develop their English more.Also communication towards your supervisor and manager is highly important because if you suddenly notice a child is acting strangely or different then you need to have good communication skills to be able to report this to the supervisor or manager. Finally another professional skill you could need that will support your work with children can be confidence. You need the confidence to actually work in a team and co-operating well in a team and to be able to ask questions to learn more about what you have to learn about being a early years practitioner and to learn to report things.If you don’t have confidence then the children will see it in your body language and facial expressions and take advantage of you and make it harder if they see you don’t have the confidence and the team/supervisor/ or manager will do the same. So you need confidence to stay strong when working in the placement, also if you have confidence then the children will respect you and they will see that you can be confident when working and communicating with them to they can still be confident with you. E7:Study skills can support your learning during your training because there are so many study skills which different people prefer to help them to revise or learn. Firstly some or most people do note taking, for example they do short simple sentences to help them to remember they key points in the topic. But when doing this make sure you understand what you have written down. Highlighting is the most common study skill which people use to revise or remember things. T hey do this to show what the main points they need to know from the topic is.Also using different inks or colours of high lighters can make the page stand out more so when you’re coming to revising that topic it will stand out to you and catch your eye so this way you can only notice and pay attention to these main points. Listening to calm or gentle music is not a common one but some people like it because it makes them feel all relaxed, but I think a lot of people prefer revising or studying in a room which suits them and makes them feel relaxed and safe.Like for example, I enjoy being in a quiet room because I don’t like getting distracted. Also they like to be equipped so surrounded by sticky notes with information on and books and the internet to collect data or other information, The main one is to take your time, because if you rush then you’ll make yourself panic which will put you off the subject and make you less concentrated. You need to use your time wisely and not put yourself under pressure. D1:Some reasons why the practitioner should develop and maintain appropriate relationships with parents and other professionals because one reason should include meeting each of the children’s needs because they need to know what each child is aiming for when in school or nurseries, the way to meet their needs could be, for example, the practitioner can meet the child’s needs by involving each child and being inclusive with them and they can support each child with their rights by giving them the right education.Other rights to look for are health and shelter, food and water. You need to have good co-operation towards helping your team and involving the children. Trust issues, parents need to trust the one that is supervising their child; otherwise they won’t think of anything positive of you. Warm, trusting relationships with knowledgeable adults support children’s learning more effectively than any amount of resources.The reasons why good relationships are important when coping with transitions is because firstly children will feel more relaxed towards you. Having good communication otherwise the children will suffer. Having bad communication can mean a lot of repetition, meaning important information is lost or easily forgotten. Children can learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents or a key person.A key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children, giving them the reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with their parents. Also parents and practitioners need to know the needs and care for the child because one day they could be acting differently and become different in their body language or actions for example they could become violent, so to solve this you need to know what goes on at home and how you see their parents act with them, just so you can provide them with mo re care. D2:The characteristics of working in a team with other agencies professional colleagues are, for example to have a good and effective communication using this to show you can listen and follow orders towards helping team because that way it shows good skills and that they can always come to you for help or guidance. Need to have inclusive practice to include everyone. Have effective consistency. To be more efficient and to have belonging also finally is to be your own person. This shows all of the characteristics and benefits of working in a multi-agency team. C:Firstly, the early year’s practitioner should listen to their needs because they know more about their needs and views, this way we can respect their needs more. But always put their needs first before anything. They will also gain a sense of belonging in the setting and realise they are being valued and respected. As a result children may reflect the practitioner’s attitude towards them in the behavio ur towards others. Showing children that they are valued and listening to their views allows them to respect themselves and be more confident, not just in their work but their daily routines too.They will be increasingly open minded and out spoken, therefore making it easier for practitioners to understand a child’s needs and successful providing them. Children should be allowed to have their say and be included in decision making when planning so practitioners can ensure that children have equal opportunities, feeling involved and successful in their learning and play. They should be given activities that suit their interests and strengths. Therefore children would feel a greater sense of achievement when they recognise that their opinions were the source of their success.B: It is important that practitioners understand the limits and boundaries of their role when working with children because you need to understand the policies and procedures, like you may get a policy to h ave acceptable behaviour or the health and safety policy and procedure to give the practitioner and idea of how to act and the know they learn at the placement the easier they can learn about the childcare surroundings and how to act in that surrounding. Also if you some how find it rather difficult to read then you need to tell your tutor or your supervisor.There are four main areas that are important when thinking about the role you need to take as a practitioner and the boundaries: health and safety, managing children's behaviour, child protection and confidentiality. Health and safety is important role and boundary when being a Level 3 early years practitioner because its yours and who evers in charge of a child, it is their responsibility to keep that child safe, so the parents need your trust to take care of that child, for example once all children are in the placement settings you need to make sure that all the doors/gates anywhere they can get out of needs to be shut.Also i f a fire alarm goes off then you need to do a head count or register to make sure that you still have all students in the class all together. Also if you see something in the setting room you are placed in that is not safe or is risky around the child, or when you spot that a child has had an accident then you need to report it to a trained supervisor. Managing children's behaviour means that you need to make sure that you are certain about the settings policy about managing a hild's behaviour problems and where or who you should report it too. You need to be aware of you own actions and take responsibility of you own actions when working with younger children. There can be a big situation when you are playing with a child nicely then getting them too excited which can be encouraging them to become overly distracted when it comes to doing an activity with the class.You don't only need to notice your actions but also how the supervisor or someone who is particularly experienced and s ee how they manage a childs behaviour, you could learn from their method if they have their own method to calm a child down or to settle a child when he/she needs to crack on with an activity. Children could start to feel secure if they have someone managing their behaviour. Child protection is important role and boundary when being a Level 3 early years practitioner because you need to be aware of how to keep children safe and away from abuse.Every single setting will have a child protection policy. Also when you turn up to every setting you will need to be shown and learn how to sign in, also will need to wear a badge to prove who you are to everyone and also will probably find out which situations you will be working in with children. It's very normal that the practitioner should never be alone with a child just to follow the child protection policy, and it is also for your protection too.It is very likely that the practitioners will learn that young children will hug and touch t hem when they need them, but its very unlikely for this to happen with older children, because they are more developed whilst the young children and still developing and growing older, you will learn and see how the other staff react and use a big amount of physical contact with a child. Some practitioners may find that some of the children may tell some information that can concern you, you will need to know at your placement who you need to tell about what you have been told and how to deal with it.Finally, confidentiality is a important role and boundary when doing Level 3 early years practitioner because some information that you are given at a setting will be very confidential that must not be shared with friends or anyone outside of the college. Some examples of information that you need to keep confidential may include the child's family personal life information. If you are not sure whether informtaion in the setting is confidential then you need to ask your supervisor.

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The Importance Of Proactive Compliance Analyst Who Ensures...

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY ________________________________________ Proactive Compliance Analyst who ensures the company operations are in accordance with the industry regulations and standards. Performs tasks which include: reviewing new regulations, informing other departments of industry guidelines and requirements while developing regulatory procedures. Additionally, possesses extensive experience in regulatory compliance, QC auditing, underwriting guidelines, and research. SKILLS SUMMARY ________________________________________ ï  ¶ Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to rate and categorize risk ratings in a clear and concise manner ï  ¶ Comprehensive knowledge of RESPA/TILA,HMDA, all agencies/ investor guidelines, including, FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, USDA, and VA ï  ¶ Knowledge of DU, and LP underwriting procedures and guidelines ï  ¶ Ability to review audit documentation, perform analysis, validate and document potential risk to determine course of appropriate corrective action and/or make recommendations ï  ¶ Familiar with Conforming Nonconforming Loans, Arms, and Jumbo Loans ï  ¶ Underwriting and quality control review/audit experience of mortgage loans and the ability to analyze risk as relating to investment quality loans ï  ¶ Experienced with government-insured loan sites, including AllRegs ï  ¶ Familiar with proprietary mortgage-processing software ï  ¶ Proficient in investor programs, software, and internal systems: QCIQ, BOX, Prime Alliance, DNA, MS,Show MoreRelatedRecruitment Plan2305 Words   |  10 Pagesorganization. A sound recruitment and retention plan can mitigate the issues and challenges that might have negative implications to the organization. A division (sectors) of the aerospace and defense industry provides the HRM with insight to the number of who, what, and where human capital is required. According to the Aerospace and Defense Industry survey results for 2005, the industry believes that there is a 66% current labor shortage, 87.6% believe that the industry will suffer a labor shortageRead MoreApple Company3078 Words   |  13 Pages1. Introduction to Apple Company Steve Jobs alongside Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc. under the objective of nurturing innovation in the computer business. Like any other company, the starting of Apple Inc. involved challenges of dealing with competition, winning the market share, unfavorable response from customers, lack of innovation, and lack of recognition by potential clients. With all these challenges acting against the ability of Apple to thrive in the computer businessRead MoreFinancial Statements And Disclosure Policies2483 Words   |  10 PagesThe prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust†, John F. Kennedy. In this quote, Kennedy expresses that the ultimate goal of finance is to gain trust from those who can help capitalize on the organization. Most importantly, it states that transparency and honesty are the best indications for building that trust. The need for trust is equally valid and crit ically important for healthcare organizations. As the healthcareRead MoreThe And Environmental Energy Conservation2791 Words   |  12 Pagesmonitor the operations of oil exploration companies to ensure that they possess appropriate infrastructure for their oil drilling activities and that they adhere to OPEC, WHO and other regulatory policies, the government should also impose strong penalties and sanctions on organizations that default and refuse to adhere to the stipulated regulations. The government could also establish an oil and gas operations tasks force or committee which would fight corruption and enforce compliance to best practicesRead MoreCoca Cola Hellenic : A Global Company3514 Words   |  15 Pages Executive Summary Coca cola Hellenic is a global company that is committed to sustainable productivity, environmental protection and broader corporate social programs. Coca cola Hellenic is one of the branches of the Coca cola Company. Despite the slow economic growth for the company in 2011 that caused a fall in the brand image among the consumers, there is a firm commitment by the top leadership to secure its position in the market and to practice sustainable production. There are specific programsRead MoreGlobal Business Management: Current Trends and Practices5739 Words   |  23 Pagesglobal supply chains and vendor partnerships. As Wiley points out, â€Å"In the near future, it is supply chains that will compete, not companies† (Wiley, 2004). Global supply chains must be carefully selected and monitored to ensure the competitive edge required to achieve success in the global market place. Typically, the first order of business has been logistics and operations. Businesses identify viable suppliers, hospitable host countries, lucrative markets, and amenable vendor partners worldwide. ThenRead MoreAn Apprasal of the Activities of Nafdac in Nigeria Economy2395 Words   |  10 Pagesoptimizing opportunities available in the Air freight sector requires a legal framework, political will by government, provision of adequate manpower, infrastructures, equipment, enabling environment and a concerted effort by all stakeholders i.e. co-operation, t ransparency, commitment, hard work and access to adequate information. It is very important that operators in the sector have adequate knowledge of the relevant laws and procedures governing the movement of goods in that International Trade. ThisRead MoreColgate Palmolive Ethics Report3374 Words   |  14 PagesIn recent years we’ve heard about corporate scandals involving big companies such as Firestone Tire and Rubber Company for the use of child labor, Southwest Airline’s violation of safety regulations, Fannie Mae’s underreporting of profit, Parmalat’s accounting scandal mutual fund fraud, among others; but what do all these companies have in common? They failed to adhere to the basic ethical principles that should prevail in business activities. Business ethics dictates a set of standard principlesRead MoreReporting and Disclosure6590 Words   |  27 Pagesmultinational corporations are increasingly being held accountable to constituencies other than traditional investor groups: a. The development and growth of the influence of trade unions. b. The growing recognition of the view that those who are significantly affected by decisions made by institutions in general must be given the opportunity to influence those decisions. c. The rejection by many governments of classical economic premises such as the belief that the regulated pursuitRead MoreBhp Billiton7455 Words   |  30 PagesBinte Zaman (12264035) Ahammed Riaz(13164009) Date of Submission: April 2, 2015 BHP Billiton Limited Introduction: BHP Billiton is world’s largest diversified natural resources company. The company was created by the merger of two companies, BHP Ltd (An Australian mining company) and Billiton PLC (An UK based Company). BHP Billiton has created long time share holder value through the discovery, acquisition and development of natural resources. In the last few years, BHP Billiton has faced some

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The Impact Of Spatial Abilities On The Creative Song...

spatial abilities are related to more left-handedness, which indicates the activeness of right hemisphere, as measured (p.352). It is also predicted that right hemisphere is in charge of 3-D mental rotation imagination process (Reio, Czarnolewski and Eliot, 2001, p.352). With better ability to perform spatial imagination, left-handers are surely good at mathematics in the geometry aspect. Being aided by the right hemisphere in creative thinking, left-handed people are also more talented in musical ability. A survey of 51 professional orchestras in Britain reported that 13% of the musicians were left-handed, slightly, but not hugely, above the national average, which is 10% (Right, Left, Right, Wrong, n.d.). Many song writers and composers are known to be left-handed such as Beethoven, Mozart, Phil Collins and Paul Simon. The strong inter-hemispheric communication is also an aspect of their creative song writing and composing. The research reported here was motivated by evidence that some musical abilities are like spatial functions in that they appear to be more dependent on the right than the left hemisphere (Milner, 1962; Kimura, 1967). Two of the most creative individuals in history have been Albert Einstein, an early slow learner who exhibited an â€Å"an unusual symmetry between the hemispheres† (Witelson, Kigar, Harvey, 1999, p. 2151), and Leonardo da Vi nci, who habitually wrote left-handed in mirror-writing. Their lateral preference could be related to their achievementShow MoreRelatedCurrent Issues and Trends in Assessment in Early Childhood Education6428 Words   |  26 PagesPresident Bush worked for legislation that would improve education for all children. After months of dialogue and debate, Congress passed a new education actin December 2001. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), signed into law onJanuary 8, 2002, had an impact on testing required by individual states. In addition to other provisions, all states were required to administer tests developed by the state and to set and monitor adequate yearly progress (Moscosco, 2001; Wortham, 2002). Former President Bush wasRead MoreCreative Dance7322 Words   |  30 PagesCREATIVE DANCE History of Creative Dance Creative dance is perceived differently by different sectors of the education system. In many provinces, creative dance is part of the physical education curriculum. More recently, two provinces— British Columbia and Saskatchewan— have considered placing dance under the rubric of arts education. The aspect of creative dance that is emphasized reï ¬â€šects the position creative dance is assigned in the curriculum. When in the physical education curriculum, creativeRead MoreMultiple Intelligences Seminar and Workshop14464 Words   |  58 PagesSimulations 3. Presentation 3. Step-by-step M.I. lesson plan guide 4. Wrap up PART V – Ways to Vary Instruction (additional) REFERENCES EXPLANATION 1.1 What is the theory of multiple intelligences (M.I.)? An intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings. - Howard Gardner FRAMES OF MIND (1983) Howard Gardner claims that all human beings have multiple intelligences. These multiple intelligences canRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesDiagnostic Surveys for Creative Problem Solving 168 Problem Solving, Creativity, and Innovation 168 How Creative Are You ? 169 Innovative Attitude Scale 171 Creative Style Assessment 172 SKILL LEARNING 174 Problem Solving, Creativity, and Innovation 174 Steps in Analytical Problem Solving 174 Defining the Problem 174 Generating Alternatives 176 Evaluating Alternatives 176 Implementing the Solution 177 Limitations of the Analytical Problem-Solving Model 178 Impediments to Creative Problem Solving 178Read MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pagesmarketing function involves efforts needed to gain knowledge of customers, competitors, and markets. We will see throughout this course material how marketing research is utilized in all decision areas. Create - Competition forces marketers to be creative peop le. When marketers begin new ventures, such as building a new company, it is often based around something that is new (e.g., new product, new way to distribute a product, new advertising approach, etc.). But once the new venture is launched innovationRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesof Diversity 42 †¢ Discrimination 42 Biographical Characteristics 44 Age 44 †¢ Sex 46 †¢ Race and Ethnicity 48 †¢ Disability 48 †¢ Other Biographical Characteristics: Tenure, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity 50 Ability 52 Intellectual Abilities 52 †¢ Physical Abilities 55 †¢ The Role of Disabilities 56 Implementing Diversity Management Strategies 56 Attracting, Selecting, Developing, and Retaining Diverse Employees 56 †¢ Diversity in Groups 58 †¢ Effective Diversity Programs 58 Summary andRead MoreMetz Film Language a Semiotics of the Cinema PDF100902 Words   |  316 Pagespublished articles. The disparity between ten and twelve is caused by the fact that Chapter 5 was condensed out of three separate articles. As the title indicates, the articles included in this volume have been selected exclusively from the author s writings on cinematographic problems.* Since this is, therefore, a collection, I have not tried to eliminate or disguise the few inevitable repetitions. Similarly, I have not allowed myself to excise or replace passages that, as a result of the lapse in time

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Edgar Allan Poes “the Masque of the Red Death” - 1972 Words

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most mysterious authors that the world of writing has known. Although many critics have different views on Poes writing style, Harold Bloom summed it up best when he said, Poe has an uncanny talent for exposing our common nightmares and hysteria lurking beneath our carefully structured lives.(Bloom 7 ). Many of Poe’s works can be related back to his life. Poe had many problems such as psychological illness, alcohol addiction, and gambling issues. There is also the fact that Poe’s life was full of heart aches such as the fact that everyone that Poe would grow to love would leave him or die. Since Poe’s works are so closely related to his life or inspired by his life struggles one can correctly assume†¦show more content†¦Next, is the masquerade ball itself, it symbolizes the dance of life; which parallels death. Once the dance is over; life is over leaving only death. The next symbols are the individual rooms. These rooms can mean many things such as: â€Å"†¦comic center: the seven planetary spheres, the seven notes of the scale†¦ the evolution of the plague’s destructive powers: the reverse of the seven days of Creation† (Knapp 166). The seven rooms could also represent the seven deadly sins which are: sloth, lust, gluttony, wrath, pride, anger, and envy. Another implication for the seven rooms is the seven stages of life. These theories could be backed up by each room’s different furnishings. The blue room represents birth or new life. This is where the party is mostly held. The purple room represents Prospero and his guests’ nobility. Green represents naivetà © and greed each person obtains. Prospero and his friends are all naive in believing that they can cheat death by hiding behind closed doors. The white room represents the childlike innocence everyone holds because the guests have a juvenile mentality in trying to escape the inevitable. Orange represents the energy of the atmosphere between clock chimes. Since orange is made up of reds and yellows the orange room represents the edge of waiting for the next strike of the clock, but theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Edgar Allan Poes The Masque Of The Red Death816 Words   |  4 PagesEdgar Allan Poe was a writer who believed every single word contained meaning and in his own words expressed this idea in brevity only he is capable, Â…there should be no word written, of which tendency, direct or indirect, is not to the one pre-established design. (Poe 244). To this effect, Poe drenches his works in symbolism and allegory. Especially in shorter works, Poe assigns meaning to the smallest object, explicitly deriving exurbanite significance within concise descriptions. The MasqueRead More Death in Edgar Allan Poes Life and The Masque of the Red Death1468 Words   |  6 PagesDeath in Edgar Allan Poes Life and The Masque of the Red Death As a man surrounded by death and horrible happenings, it is no wonder that almost the entire collection of Edgar Allan Poes works is about death. When Poe was very young, his father left his mother alone with three young children. At the age of two, Poe lost his mother. Many other deaths and terrible occurrences manifested themselves in Poes life, from the refusal of his adoptive father, John Allan, to acceptRead MoreSymbolism and in Edgar Allan Poes the Masque of the Red Death915 Words   |  4 PagesSymbolism and in Edgar Allan Poes the Masque of the Red Death Thesis: Poe uses symbolism to unfold this gripping tale of terror. â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death† is an allegory. It features a set of recognizable symbols whose meanings combine to convey a message. An allegory always operates on two levels of meaning: the literal elements of the plot (the colors of the rooms, for example) and their symbolic counterparts, which often involve large philosophical concepts (such as life and death). This canRead MoreEdgar Allan Poes The Tell-Tale Heart and The Masque of the Red Death1901 Words   |  8 PagesEdgar Allan Poe’s â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart† and â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death† When people think of Edgar Allan Poe, they probably think of dark writing and murders. His writings have been printing since the early 1800’s. (Giordano ) Many of his works are literally classics, such as â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart,† and â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death.† Much like most of his stories, Poe’s life was a dark one. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. Both his mother and his father were performersRead MoreSymbolism In Edgar Allan Poes The Masque Of The Red Death1028 Words   |  5 Pageshour, 60 seconds in a minute; all which revolves around time. Time is infinite, but unfortunately for human beings, they face times rath. Eventually, every living being or organism faces death, you cant escape it or run away from it, death is always around the corner. In â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death† Edgar Allan Poe demonstrates this when the noble class and Prince Prospero tried to run away from the gruesome and infectious di sease. Symbolism in the story is significant because it gives the readerRead MoreThe Unique Writing Style in Edgar Allan Poes The Masque of Red Death1828 Words   |  7 Pages Edgar Allan Poe was born in the year of 1809. His father left the family when Poe was an infant, and his mother died when he was three to tuberculosis. It is asserted that â€Å"Poe spent his early adult life in and out of the army, engaging in an ongoing struggle over money with his foster father, and developing the notorious habits of alcoholism and debt† (Milne 233). Soon, he was released from the army because he did not fulfill his duties as a cadet. The U.S. Army decided to allow him to submit hisRead MoreEssay Poes Perspective Against the Upper Class1652 Words   |  7 PagesPoe’s Perspective Literary genius Edgar Allan Poe lived a troubled life. During his forty years of existence, Poe struggled with the deaths of countless family members, including his cousin-wife. These bruising events caused him to develop the mental illness depression. In his short story â€Å"Masque of the Red Death,† the views Poe developed during his tumultuous life are reflected in his writing. The theme of this short story emphasizes the inevitability of death in descriptive details because EdgarRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Masque Of The Red Death1300 Words   |  6 Pagesshort story, Masque of the Red Death According to Edgar Allan Poe in his short story, â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death† â€Å"No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous.† Even though plagues had been common throughout the years, none of them had been as hideous as society was during the Movement. In his short story â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death†, Edgar Allan Poe demonstrates that pe ople are naturally born evil, during the Anti-Transcendentalism and Dark Romanticism time period. Edgar Allan Poe â€Å"AmericanRead MoreA Party To Die For: â€Å"The Masque Of The Red Death† By Edgar1677 Words   |  7 Pages A Party to Die For: â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death† by Edgar Allan Poe No one can escape from the grip of death. This simple fact is the only thing that is truly known about any human life on this planet. We can try to live forever but in the end, everything was done in vain. The is a very common theme throughout the stories of one Edgar Allan Poe who was an American author during the mid-1800’s. His gothic style has appealed the masses even into the 21st century due to his dark settings and suspensefulRead More Deep into Darkness Peering Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesEdgar Allan Poe is considered to be one of America’s most prominent poets. While his reputation precedes him, there is little that is actually known about the famous author. His life can only be accurately summed up by a few historical accounts and a series of letters written in his own hand. These, of course, do not even come close to describing the man behind the pen, as it were. One critic writes, â€Å"monomania can easily be developed over the motely tragedy of the p ersonal life of Poe, so deeply